A boring webpage for Dood's Music Streamer.
Email: mysticdeath@mysticdeath.com
Current Release: 1.3.6

Available Languages
deDeutschDavid Beinder1.1.7+1.3.1
esEspaŮolStriptheSoul1.1.8 -
esEspaŮolAdriŠn Espinosa1.2.2+1.2.9
pt-rBRPortuguÍs (Brasil)Yn1.2.2+1.3.1
nlNederlandsRuben Pottie1.2.9+1.2.9
itItalianoEmilio Scalise1.2.9+1.2.9

GrooveShark is known to be blocked in:
Denmark (not working, DNS-Level block)
Germany (somewhat working, GrooveShark Block)

- Fixes. DMS development is on hold and will only update for fixes.

Known Issues:
- Not working on some kitkat (Android 4.4) devices. Version 1.3.5 should fix this issue.
  Note: I do not own a device with kitkat and tests on kitkat emulator shows no problems.

Note: Do NOT search and add songs while IP blocked or you WILL be ip blocked again!

Releases (.apk): Show More
Android 2.2+Android 1.6 to 2.1

Change Log:
*Update things. Should help with IP block.

*Fixed Playback issue on certain devices

*Added Big notification for Android 4.1+ (Jellybean and higher)
*Fixed More From Artist
*Fixed More From Album

*Bluetooth devices should now display song information (if supported)

*All Ads Removed
*Fixed some things
*Updated some internal settings

*Fixed some issues with streaming
*Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation by Yn
*Updated French translation by benob
*Updated German translation by David Beinder
*Updated Spanish translation by AdriŠn Espinosa
*Updated Swedish translation by mefton

1.3.0 v3:
*Fixed FC some users were experiencing
*Updated French translation by benob
*Updated German translation by David Beinder
*Updated Spanish translation by AdriŠn Espinosa
*Updated Swedish translation by mefton

1.3.0 v2:
*Fixed Keyboard issue that some were experiencing

*New List filter
*New Tab Swipe
*New Remember Tabs on Back Setting
*New Language Selection
*New Play search without adding to queue
*New Offline cache import (for when the app is reinstalled)
*Improved Song Fix V1
*Improved Search and importing GrooveShark playlist times
*Changed all users with song fix disabled to v1 by default
*Changed Repeat + Shuffle behavior
*Fixed Queue not being shuffled on app restart
*Fixed Out of memory error for some devices when loading large lists from GrooveShark
*Fixed "Save Playlist" from search
*Fixed Media volume unchangable with dialogs
*Fixed Deleted detection with song fix v1 enabled while blocked
*Fixed Track seeking on Android 2.2 and lower

*New Setting Recent searches
*New Setting Fullscreen
*New Setting Share Requests to allow other apps to send songs (and more in the future)
*Added notification of deleted songs
*Fixed song fix v1 not skipping dead songs
*Updated Translations thanks to
Ruben Pottie (Nederlands)
Emilio Scalise (Italiano)
mefton (Svenska)
19kiton (FranÁais, partial)
*Many improvements related to communication with GrooveShark servers
*Streaming optimizations

1.2.8 v2:
*Fixed case of being ip blocked
*Note that if you were blocked before this update you should refresh your ip address

*New Lyrics wiki selection
*Added GrooveShark maintenance detection
*Improved Communication with GrooveShark servers
*Fixed Repeat Track for songs larger than buffer
*Raised IP block detection requirements to avoid false positives

*Fixed Streaming. Sorry about that. GrooveShark updated.
*Fixed Sorting text color on Honeycomb devices
*Fixed Search tab 'Add All' adding when using 'More'
*New Sorting for search tab's 'More'
*New Queue Tab menu option 'Select All'

1.2.6 v2:
*Fixed Database update FC for some users
*Search tab's 'Back' button now resets list position
*New Now Playing will display a buffering dialog when buffering

*New Search options (Albums/Playlists/Users)
*New Notification controls for Android 3.0+
*New Add To Playlist in Queue Tab long press
*New Queue Tab MENU option 'Select...' to Remove/Add To Playlist/Queue Offline Cache
*Updated German Translation by David Beinder
*Updated Spanish Translation by AdriŠn Espinosa
*Updated Brazilian Portuguese Translation by Yn
*Fixed Pause from lockscreen/bluetooth closing app
*Fixed Queue "remove..." not updating UI
*Fixed Add To Playlist allowing duplicates
*Fixed App loading dialog showing when launched from recent apps
*Fixed Several FC fixes
*Improved More From Album results
*Changed wake/wifi lock to instantly acquire lock when toggled 'on' from settings
*More UI changes
*Hopefully fixed an annoying start up FC.
*Touching outside most dialogs will no longer cancel. Back button still cancels.
*Made the 'stop' feature less hidden by giving it an icon.

1.2.5 v3:
*Changed App loading dialog to not shut down the app when closed manually.

1.2.5 v2:
*Fixed FC for gesture edit/reload
*Fixed FC when moving cache directory to different mounts. If FC, app will resume copying instead of starting over

*New Setting Wifi Lock
*New Setting Wifi Only Streaming
*Experimental Longer stream sessions for stream heavy users (Helps avoid constant "song no longer avaliable")
*Fixed FC related to stackoverflow
*Fixed Random blurry album art
*Added Loading screen on app start up
*Now Playing tab's preference now saves
*Queue position saved between sessions
*Tweaked more from artist

1.2.4 v3:
*Fixed FC on start up for some devices

*New Custom Gestures. See settings
*New Volume attenuation. See setting -> Lower On Audio Request
*New Consume/Like/dislike Gestures. See settings -> Gestures
*New Pause Headphone Unplugged. See settings
*New Shazaam/SoundHound/YouTube share support
*New MENU soft key on title bar to help devices without the physical key (Android 3.0+)
*New Search Sort by Album Track Number
*New Tap album art in the 'Now Playing' tab for a minimalist look, best with gestures enabled.
*New Media Controls When Off. See settings
*New Equalizer (beta). Very much in its early stages. (Android 2.3+ only)
*Updated Spanish Translation by AdriŠn Espinosa
*Updated German Translation by David Beinder
*Updated Brazilian Portuguese by Yn
*Fixed Cache directory moving failure when selecting paths in different mounts (ex: internal_sd to external_sd)
*Fixed Playback stopping when a missing song is detected with prebuffer enabled
*Fixed Several FC
*Several UI changes and fixes

1.2.3 v2:
*Fixed FC when refreshing/adding Grooveshark playlist

*New UI layout, yay, finally! (Old one can be selected from settings)
*New Album Art High Quality. See settings
*Fixed An issue where music would resume when paused by the user and a notification was received shortly after.

*New Lower On Audio Requests. See settings.
*New Brazilian Portuguese translation thanks to Yn
*Updated Spanish translation thanks to AdriŠn Espinosa
*Improved album art caching and loading
*Changed Paused songs to not restart when selected again from queue
*Added Song availability check
*Fixed Queue tab's sorting
*Fixed Case of multiple loading dialogs
*Fixed Dislike while paused not updating UI
*Fixed Rare FC when opening playlists/search tab
*Fixed FC with custom buffer
*Fixed FC when entering number > int
*Fixed FC in gs communication logic

1.2.1 v2:
*Fixed Drag and Drop in Queue Tab

*New Wake Lock setting (On/Off)
*Updated German translations by David Beinder
*Added Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) Music Controls Support
*Added Export filename validity check
*Improved Preset radio suggestions
*Improved Scrolling large playlists with album art on
*Fixed Search suggestion
*Fixed Wake Lock not releasing when paused
*Fixed Playlist Tab's Load/Add Queue blocking UI thread
*Fixed Several FC with custom buffer
*Fixed FC with gs connection
*Fixed FC in the Spanish translation
*Modified export to be cancelable
*Modified search to be cancelable

*New Consume Mode. See settings.
*New Import/Export playlists
*New Cache directory selection. See settings.
*New Music Control Gestures. Thanks Cyanogenmod.
*New custom buffering system (Replaces "Song Not Playing Fix"). [v1] will allow buffering and playing simultaneously. [v2] Old method (full buffer)
*Fixed most cases of music not playing when switching songs, forcing the user to resume manually
*Fixed an erroneous song fix message when music is stopped
*Fixed OnClick's Refresh List doing nothing
*Improved memory management
*Now Playing tab UI scales across more devices (Still a bit ugly on high dpi devices like tablets, sppaaaaaaaaaacccee)
*Modified wakelock to release when app is not playing music
*Reset "Song Not Playing Fix" due to new settings available
*Internal code optimizations

*New Last.fm scrobble support (See settings for usage info)
*New Lyrics Google Search. (Switch to Now Playing tab -> MENU key)
*Updated German translations. Many thanks to David Beinder.
*Improved "Quit". It now resets settings that can help resolve some issues.
*Added confirm when deleting playlist
*Added No resume on phone call end setting option
*Added Detection for devices that requires song fix to be enabled
*Radio next will attempt to stay at the bottom of the queue
*Playlist Tab's playlists are now alphabetized
*Some small UI changes
*Modified wakelock method
*Fixed spam bug when queue is empty
*Fixed dialogs closing in Settings when changing orientation
*Fixed FC when starting music with no internet
*Fixed FC when closing the app
*Fixed FC when loading a playlist
*Fixed FC when loading offine songs
*Fixed FC when doing a search
*Fixed FC with certain playlist names

1.1.8 v2:
*Fixed offline caching not caching (for real this time)

*New Spanish Translations - Thanks StriptheSoul!
*Updated German Translations by David Beinder
*Added Offline Cache management setting option (See Usage Info)
*Added Sort in MENU to Edit and Queue tab
*Improved Offline Caching Queue
*Fixed UI Bugs when pausing
*Fixed a few FCs when connecting to GrooveShark
*Fixed an instance of offline cache not creating cache directory and thus breaking offline caching
*Fixed Music stopping when screen is locked on some devices

*New German Translations - Thanks David Beinder!
*New Search sorting MENU option
*Readded Search option in the Search Tab MENU options
*Adjusted Offline mode colors
*Adjusted MENU options slightly
*Fixed Offline songs incorrectly caching with prebuffer on and caching mode set to manual
*Fixed Offline songs not showing when there are no local playlists
*Removed "Download" context menu option. This option does nothing. It was used to help test the offline caching system and was unintentially left in the release. Sorry for the confusion.
*Disliking songs with preset radios will now give more weight into the next song

1.1.6 v4:
*Fixed Search not searching after v3 update. Giant face palm to me.

1.1.6 v3:
*Fixed Search Tab being completely blank
*Fixed Offline Cache progressbar not updating

1.1.6 v2:
*Fixed FC for those who updated from 1.1.5

*New Offline options in settings menu (see usage info)
*New Save/Remove Offline Cache queue on long press
*Fixed Edit not updating for offline songs
*Fixed search checks again
*Fixed FC with buffer timeout
*Fixed FC on next
*Fixed Prebuffer not stopping when next song is removed
*Fixed A case of the media playing erroring all songs
*Fixed A few UI bugs
*Added confirmation to clear queue
*Added Offline Disk usage under Playlist Tab -> Offline Songs
*Removed Renaming of Offline Song list
*Offline streaming is now 90% done
*Changed queue actions hidden until queue is populated
*Moved ad position
*Thread optimizations

*Fixed Edit not updating
*Fixed Search check showing wrong adds
*Fixed A case of adding the same song twice to a playlist
*Fixed "Delete Offline Songs" from playlist doing nothing
*Fixed FC when no internet
*Fixed Offline song count showing the wrong amount
*Fixed Ad behavior
*Deleting offline songs now delete instantly
*Tweaked custom radio
 - Dislike is weighed slightly more heavily
 - Liked songs weight changes more dynamically
 - Removing song from queue now removes it from the like list
 - Suggested songs will show the same artist less frequently

*New Offline Streaming options in Settings menu (75% complete and is a work in progress)
*New Offline status indicator on the title bar
*New Offline Songs playlist is automatically generated under Local Lists
*New Menu option "Go Offline" (Only shows when offline songs are available)
*New Queue Tab now remembers your last position between sessions
*New Pause On Audio Request in setttings menu (Read usage info)
*New Permission requirement WAKE LOCK - Some phones were having problems streaming with lockscreen on and this fixes it
*New Permission requirement READ PHONE STATE - Changed the method of pausing on phone calls to be more reliable.
*Improved communication with GrooveShark servers
*Improved App start up time when album art cache is set as "As Needed"
*Fixed App auto closing instead of pausing when headphone is disconnected
*Fixed FC when loading large playlist as/to queue
*Fixed FC when switching tabs
*Fixed FC when searching
*Fixed FC when retrieving large data
*Fixed FC when using voice search (For real this time)
*Fixed FC when opening playlist to queue
*Fixed Turning shuffle on then off ruining the original queue sort order
*Fixed Queue not updating when shuffle and repeat is turned on
*Fixed Prebuffer buffering when there is only one song
*Fixed Mediaplayer error when dragging and dropping
*Fixed No Connection Spam
*Fixed An instance of the mediaplayer always "Loading. Please Wait"
*Optimized "Edit" tab and "Playlist" tab to load dynamically
*Removed Radio options from menu when offline
*Better "Now Playing" tab UI for low resolution devices and for high resolution devices
*Extra checks added to remove notification on service end
*Prebuffer now takes shuffle switching into consideration

*Fixed FC on start up
*Fixed FC on voice search

*New Voice Search Support. Open Google voice search and say "Listen to [artist or title]"
*New GrooveShark.com's "My Music" importing. Refresh or readd your account for this
*Added Clicking on queued songs from the Search tab now jumps to the song
*Change Newly added widgets now updates to current song info if app is running
*Change Playlist click menu UI and added "Add To Queue"
*Renamed "Songs" tab to "Edit"
*Fixed FC when pressing previous
*Fixed FC when adding ridiculously large playlists (3000+)
*Fixed FC when a song errors
*Fixed FC when a connection attempt to GrooveShark takes too long
*Fixed Delete album art freezing UI
*Fixed Prebuffer throwing an error when deleting album art
*Fixed Queue list restarting from the top when selecting a song
*Fixed Radio not clearing your likes when you clear queue
*Fixed Radio queue coming back after being cleared
*Fixed "Load As Queue" not saving
*Fixed Removing a song making you go back to the top of the list
*Fixed Drag and drop showing wrong song info when playing first song
*Fixed Long playlist names taking up more than one line
Offline streaming moved to v1.1.4 in the interest of releasing fixes in a timely manor

*New Basic HOME Widget (More coming soon)
*New Queue Tab. You can now edit the queue without modifying playlists
*New Setting options "Toast Messages", "Search Click Behavior", and "Search Album Verified" (Read usage info)
*Added Partial Spanish translation (2% complete)
*Added "More From" to search tab
*Changed Songs Tab to only show when editing playlists
*Changed "Prebuffer Next" to take drag and drop into consideration
*Fixed Usage Info cutting off on phones with smaller screens
*Fixed Preset radios not fetching new songs after restarting the app
*Fixed Radio adding duplicate songs on rare occasions
*Fixed FC when starting music after restart (For real this time)
*Fixed App not automatically closing when paused from bluetooth device/lock screen for an extended period of time
*Fixed Album art continuously trying to download art that is missing from the music servers
*Fixed last opened playlist not saving when deleting all playlists
*Fixed "Stop" not stopping in rare cases
*Improvement Database cleanup
*Removed Search/Top Daily long press option

*Improvement Much, much faster Search/Add All/Import Playlists
*New Drag and Drop Sorting (Read usage info in settings)
*New Long Press -> "Refresh" GrooveShark account/playlists
*New Long Press -> More From Album/Artist
*Fix Renaming GrooveShark imported playlists button
*Fix FC when the music service is restarted after a force quit
*Fix Remove selected frequently missing songs
*Fix Now Playing showing incorrect song info
*Tweak Custom Radio
*Tweak UI in various places

*Optimizations to reduce CPU/RAM usage
*Radio will now work properly under extremely low RAM conditions
*Database clean up
*Improved memory management
*Improved custom radio to match your preferences more accurately
*Added "Songs Not Playing Fix" (Read usage info)
*Added progressbar for Prebuffer Next (Most devices)
*Added "Quit" to menu
*Fixed deleting active playlist making new songs have no playlist
*Fixed app closing when pausing from lockscreen/bluetooth device

*Fixed a few FCs when starting the app from the HOME key and when stopping music
*Fixed various UI bugs
*Fixed restarting from beginning of playlist when turning on/off radio when using current for radio
*Fixed Add All msg saying it added more than it really did
*Optimized search suggestions
*Improved playback load time with radio on
*New "Save Radio" as playlist
*New "Prebuffer Next Song" in settings menu (See settings for more info) [default off]
*Code optimizations